I’m A Rockin’ Girl Blogger! w00t!

If you noticed, I hardly ever write any personal post on this blog. That’s because this is not a personal lifestyle blog. But these past couple of days, I have been mentally distressed. I could not sleep and spent two nights online searching for a post that I published on this blog and which I placed in Draft folder within a couple of minutes of publishing it.

Now I need to proof that I have published the full post to clear my name and I can’t find the post anywhere. I understand that a couple of minutes is too short a time for the internet to cache my post but I SAW my full post on my Google Reader as soon as it was published so it must be SOMEWHERE!

While searching and Googling, I actually chanced upon a post by Breezie who handed me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. I am so touched. You know, although I have kept a blog for a few years now, I never considered myself a Blogger in the true sense of the word.

And now I am given an award! In this post, I am supposed to pass it along to five people so…. the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Awards go to:

1. Irene of Sweet Surrender because she is my eBay “kaki”

2. Venomous Kate of Electric Venom because she lets me bite her twice a week. I know I am late in my trackback 🙁

3. Lilian of 5XMom because she totally rawkkks

4. Sylvie Dixie, popularly known as Mrs. Fuel My Blog, one half of the wonderful

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Fuel My Blog couple.

5. Doris Chua of Live Life… Organics & Your Health because she celebrates life as a woman!

Congratulations! You are now supposed to grab this badge (can even hotlink) and publish it on your own blog and then hand it to five lady bloggers!

Happy blogging!

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7 thoughts on “I’m A Rockin’ Girl Blogger! w00t!

  1. Thanks for the honors! (And the bites.)

    If you know you published it, you can always pull up Google’s cached version. Do a search using this format: “title of blog post” site:yourdomain.com. Then click the “cached” link under the result, copy and paste it back in, publish it.

  2. Hi Kate!

    I did try to search but could not find the post. I heard that two minutes is too little time. But if Google Reader captured it then it must be somewhere?

    The only avenue left is to contact my RSS subscribers and I only know one person while I don’t know who are the rest. Tough luck.

    Anyway, enjoy the award 😀

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