Only The Freshest From The Fruit Company

When I first came across The Fruit Company, I must say that they have a very refreshing website. Images of fruits are so real and juicy that it makes me just feel like taking a bite. I showed the website to a couple of friends and that all have the same feeling. By just using this ultra appealing web design, The Fruit Company has managed to win over potential customers partially.

The Fruit Company has been featured in the Oprah magazine, “O” and those of us who are familiar with this publication know that only the best and most innovative companies get featured in it.

The Fruit Company is a family-owned American business entity and their business is to ship only the best selection and the freshest of fruits to you at the fastest possible time and at one of the most competitive rates.

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Have you seen such gorgeous gourmet fruit baskets before? They sure make great gifts to anyone for any occasion. And even to yourself.

Every month, The Fruit Company gives away a Fruitful Affair Fruit Basket, with a value of $64.95 to a lucky subscriber of their newsletter. You can increase your chances by letting your friends know of The Fruit Company. Well, it seems like they know that their fruit baskets are too difficult to resist because you can choose to have the winning basket sent to your friend as a gift, or even to yourself although every basket will come with a free beautiful watercolor at gift card. No one will mind, no one will know!

What a great way to try out these fresh fruits.

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