Seeking The Perfect Merchant Solutions Provider

If you have been following my blog, you would know that a couple of months ago, my online store was practically crippled as my merchant service

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was down. Contacting the company was very stressful and their customer service was very bad. Although, to be frank, this was the first time I experienced such a problem since I signed up for this merchant account, this episode has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I expected too much but then when my business is affected, it is only natural for me to seek a better solution.

I did a lot of research online and talked to many of my colleagues. I was looking for a reliable merchant solutions provider with a solid customer service and technical support system. Most important of all, I was looking for one that will cost me the cheapest to set up. Am I asking too much?

A friend of mine who also runs an online store told me about the company that he and many other online merchants are using. First Data Independent Sales by Cardservice International has the total merchant solutions not only perfect for ecommerce stores like ours but also serve retailers, restaurants and other businesses.

My friend told me that I could conveniently apply for a merchant account online from their website and within minutes, my system will be set up. This is a free service as well. Furthermore, he said that I will be amazed that not only will I get 24/7 customer support, I will also be getting them in a total of 150 languages and dialects. That is a total WOW factor!

Some people do not understand why I am taking my time in choosing my new merchant account provider. Well, one of the issues I am afraid of is credit card fraud. With First Data Independent Sales, the industry leader in credit card processing, merchants are assured of credit card fraud and loss prevention.

This definitely sounds like the company to go with!

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