Are Diamonds A Girl’s Best Friend?

I remember a post that I wrote many months ago asking if diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, it looks like diamonds will forever be the number one gem girls want especially for an important occasion like an engagement or wedding.

I suddenly thought of this because my friend told me that his girlfriend has already placed an “order” on him to get her favourite designer jewellery as her engagement ring.

Personally, I think that although an engagement or a wedding ring is important, it’s unfair of her to impose something like that on the guy knowing that he may not be able to afford the engagement or wedding jewellery

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without cutting down on expenses elsewhere.

Did you know that a friend of mine even had to take out a wedding loan from his parents to finance the wedding, especially the jewellery! Tell me, is it so important to adorn yourself with jewellery that you would rather start your married life in debt?

I think that we should we practical and spend within our budget. There’s no hard and fast rule that we MUST have diamonds for your wedding.

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