Celcom Dealer Database

Once again, I received an SMS from Celcom regarding their SMS reload cards or something and addressing me as a dealer:

dear dealer, who cant access eload. pls sms to acc manager.name company, address company,id prepaid,no phone use for eload xxxx,xxxx,xxxx.xxxx no northern only. cc ABC and XYZ

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Firstly, I don’t know how my telephone number could be in their reload card dealer database because I have been using this number for years now. It was only after I migrated my prepaid plan to postpaid that all these SMS messages started coming in.

I wonder if I should somehow let them know that they have sent the message out to the wrong person. How many people who are not dealers but Celcom customers have received similar messages? What if these were industry sensitive messages and sent to outsiders?

Although right now these messages are nothing important, it is still annoying to receive messages that are not meant for me, thinking that I have a legitimate message.

I’ll just wait and see what happens next month.

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13 thoughts on “Celcom Dealer Database

  1. pergi kat celcom centre tanya kat kaunter tu saya nak apply jadi celcom pya dealer dia akan bg 1 form isi dan lengkapkan dokumen 2 yg diperlukan dan dai akan bg PIC marketing pya no call

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  3. sy still student..i want to do a some research about database of company, so that i want to choose,celcom as my thesis. can you exlpain wht tpye or kind of business that u’r using and how u’r apply it..

    i hope you can reply as soon as possible
    thank a lot

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