Ethics In Business

If you have read a post of mine on plastic surgery where a friend of mine offered me to join an affiliate program and offering a few thousand dollars commission for each patient I refer, you would know that I am thoroughly against making money this way. Sure, it is very lucrative but I am not going to keep urging people I know, or barely know, to get a plastic surgery procedure down just so I can get my commission.

Recently a journalist went undercover to try to get a Liposuction UK

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done. For her story, she visited a few clinics and only one tried to tell her that her body shape normal and there is no necessity to do anything drastic. All she needs is a little exercise and perhaps a change in diet.

I think that although plastic surgery clinics are businesses that need to turn a profit, there are plenty of people who are just getting procedures done for an image boost. And once they have an idea fixated in the mine, it is hard to change their perception of their mind. That’s why it is so important for counselors to find out the root cause that a person is seeking plastic surgery.

And I believe that plastic surgeries should only be done from on people who need it medically and not for beautification purposes.

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