The Candy Online Store

I have visited just about any online store but today, I had the fortune to visit a store that specializes in

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vintage bulk candy. Can you imagine buying candy online? Frankly, it never crossed my mind!

Coincidentally, last evening, I spent three bucks on candy but I found out that candy on is way cheaper because they are selling in bulk. I think that this is a good opportunity for people who run a candy stand to buy in bulk online and resell them. For further savings, we could even buy by the pound!

Don’t worry, though, eSnacks makes sure that the candy will not melt thanks to the special ice pack packaging.

While browsing through this sweet store, I also discovered that they have some very rare brands like Mud Pies and Bottle Caps. Right now, I wish that I run a candy store instead of a lingerie store!

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3 thoughts on “The Candy Online Store

  1. Hey Barry,

    I think that if you are buying lots of candy, then you should have bought wholesale, either online or from a real store! Happy Halloween, by the way!

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