Aqua Dots Recalled

A week ago, I read the article on CNN that Aqua Dots have been recalled. This is a craft toy targeted at children four years and above. Coincidentally, I wrote about this product before and I think that it’s a pity that such a useful toy now has a bad reputation.

If you did not read the news, Aqua Dots are being recalled because it the China made products contain a chemical that turns into the chemical known as “date rape drug” when ingested. Already some young children swallowed the beads and fell into a coma.

So as you can see, this is dangerous stuff. Luckily it is not available in Malaysia.

I hope that eBay Sellers will also pull this from the virtual shelf unlike the time where the children’s toys that contain excessive lead were continued to be sold on eBay despite alerts of a product recall.

If you somehow got your hands on Aqua Dots, also known as Bindeez in Australia, contact the manufacturer.


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