Better News On Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

It goes without saying already that Public Bank’s Visa Electron Debit Card is the best mode for PayPal withdrawal. This time, it took three working days but that is fine with me.

What I would like to mention is that while I “lost” a total of

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RM44.64 on my second withdrawal, this time, I lost MYR12 only, that’s excluding the US$5 charged by PayPal.

This is such a great rate. I think that if I were to take a taxi to town and back to withdraw my funds from the ATM, I would have to pay more than MYR12 in taxi fare alone, not forgetting the time wasted and time is money in today’s world!

Someone asked me if it is worth getting a Public Bank Visa Electron card. Yes, even if you have to wait a month for the card to arrive and enroll in the expanded use programme. Apply as early as you can and get it early as well!

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