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It’s hard to believe that it has been two months since I first started reading the blog, Chris Bloczynski dot Com. If you do not know yet, this is a blog that is a variety of topics targeted at entrepreneurship of bloggers, business owners and marketers.

As a small time web entrepreneur and internet marketer, I find the series of articles on mentorship on very inspiring. Of course, I also aim to emulate the successes of these people interviewed by Chris but it is not as easy as I thought. Like I mentioned, it was two months ago since I first read Chris Bloczynski dot Com but have yet to make any progress but that’s only because I have been too caught up with work.

However, I find some of his tips very useful and have implemented his principles especially on managing RSS feeds. You would not believe if I told you that I have more than 100 feeds of blogs and authority sites and honestly, it is too overwhelming to read them all when time is a luxury. With so many feeds, I found myself wasting time just looking for the feed of my favorite bloggers.

According to Chris, if we have no even read the feed for a week, then it’s time to ditch it and yes, after streamlining my feeds based on this, my feeds are now more manageable.

There are a lot more information that Chris shares on his blog, of course. To read his discoveries on the new stuff that happens online, like why he did not install BlogRush (neither did I), you have to read his blog for yourself.

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