CyberPartyGal Wishes Happy Diwali

……. to all Hindu friends, buyers and loyal supporters. This is a very joyous occasion to all of us despite the differences in creed, colour and religion.

I found this very beautiful image of the oil lamp on the internet which depicts the Festival of Lights so well. I hope that you enjoy it.

Image courtesy of

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Global Kumi Group

To all my non-Hindu friends, family and readers, Happy holidays and may you enjoy this long weekend by spending quality time with your loved ones.

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3 thoughts on “CyberPartyGal Wishes Happy Diwali

  1. I wonder how this festival of lights transformed into a festival of noise. As in India you will find more ground bombs blasting than any oil lamps burning.

  2. Hi!

    I certainly know what you mean but living in a multi-cultural and multi-religion country like Malaysia, we are tolerant of all these. After all, it’s only a once a year affair 😀

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