My Old Friend

I bumped into an old friend a couple of days ago. I have not met him for ages and was caught by surprise. He recognised me but it took me some time to remember his name. EEEkkk I am so terrible! In fact, I had to go home and spend a little more time recalling how we met, what we did and so on!

It’s unfortunate to learn that he was enrolled in a

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drug rehab program right after school to try to kick his drug abuse habit. Frankly, I never knew that he had this problem with drugs but I did know that he and a few of his friends experimented with recreational drugs.

I think a bunch of us advised them not to get involved with drugs lest they get caught in a trap but they told us that it’s a for fun and there is no harm to it.

To cut the story short, it took him quite a while to be clean but he finally managed that thanks to the support of his family and friends. Hopefully, now that he is out, he will continue to stay clean from drugs because it is not a game that one could walk away as and when he likes.

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