Aspects of Marketing

When I was in college, one of my favourite subjects was Marketing. I remember a lesson where we have to think of reasons that would make consumers attracted to a brand. Some people said it’s the sound of a brand name, the label and packaging of the product and even the smell of it, which is applicable to shampoo and liquid detergent, for example.

I think that the label or sticker is the most important. I used to collect stickers from bottles and cans and study the elements that these companies put on them. One thing I failed to notice is that how long these stickers can withstand the test of time.

Today, while browsing the website of one custom sticker and label printer at, they said that they only print custom orders for stickers and labels and that their products will last a long time so that these stickers will look just as good years down the line.

Many cheapo companies will think of the here and now only but I think that companies need to take extra care of their image so that if people pick up their product in the future, the quality of their product starting from the label would be just as impressive as when it was new.

If you think that printing quality custom stickers and labels would be an expensive affair, well, it is an investment worth putting your money on. Besides, if you engage a printer who is able to offer you wholesale price then all the more you should go for it to enhance the image of your product.

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