Ideal Gift For The Passionate Traveler

A friend asked me what to buy for her pen-pan who lives in Germany. This guy is from a rich family and it is not easy to come up with gifts for him every birthday and Christmas. It is as if no matter what you plan to buy for him, he already has it. The latest gadgetry is out of the question already as he would be one of those people who would queue at the store on launching day while the rest of us have to wait for the price to adjust downwards a little a few months down the road.

I remember my friend Amy talking about the Globetrotter's LogBook® a couple of months ago. She received this as a gift and was so happy with it because she travels frequently with her family and she says that this logbook is so handy. She even gave me the URL of the website.

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Anyone who plans to buy the Globetrotter’s LogBook® would be happy to note that it is only €12.95 per copy. International shipping by Registered Airmail would cost an extra €5 only. I understand that for people who are giving this as a gift, gift wrapping service is available at an additional €3.95.

You know what, although MYR1 = €4.81, I think that it is worth it if this is given as a gift to the passionate traveler like this guy. After all, Christmas comes but once a year.

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