Impending Trip To Vegas

I am sure most of you know that I was once invited to Vegas but I turned it down. I regret it of course but if they had at least paid for my trip and accommodation at one of the glitzy Las Vegas Hotels

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, then I would have packed my bags in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I promise myself that I would make Vegas as my top vacation spot. I have already checked out a website that offers some of the best Las Vegas hotel rates according to my sister. Oh yeah, not forgetting the tickets at special prices that I believe are hard to match!

My sister, who has been to Vegas countless times, told me that should I plan my Vegas holiday properly, it would not have to cost a bomb. By planning though Best of Vegas, I surely can get my money’s worth.

Heh… I sweat blood for my money and I am not going to let the local travel agents get a cut from my vacation budget!

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