MYR8,940 For A Watch

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Would anyone be crazy enough to pay MYR8,940 for a watch? I received a mailer recently and I think that the advertiser has targeted the wrong group of people.

I know that there are watches that are way more expensive, like Warren’s favourite watch, Vacheron Constantin Malte Skeleton, that is being sold at five figures! I think that whoever bought these watches must be out of their minds. Ya, I am not afraid to say so here because these rich people will not be reading my blog! haha!

A few months back, a friend of mine bought a Swiss Army brand watch at slightly less than MYR2000 and I told him that he is mad!!!! He said that he is lucky that I am not his wife or he would not get to buy ANYTHING!!

Eh… can buy la, but not so extravagantly, right?? Toothache 😀

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