PAC Delays

I have written a post a long time ago about delays in getting my PAC request sent to my mobile phone. Well, it seems that the problem is still there. I would not know because I hardly ever requested for one anymore after that time when it failed to turn up even over night. Why should I get this kind of stress when I could get the same thing accomplished via another banking portal, right?

Recently, this happened to a friend of mine and according to her, this is not the first time that she experienced it!

This time, though, she waited for two days and requested over five times and there was no PAC. Does anyone realise that failure to receive our TAC, PAC and whatever security code in a timely manner hence doing our banking promptly could cause us to LOSE money?

That’s why it’s never safe to only depend on one banking portal. And here we thought that it’s all in the name of convenience!

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