Another NuffNang Slot Sold

I am so happy with the performance of NuffNang lately, since the first week of December, to be exact. I have been getting my ad slot on the sidebar filled since then and the trend has continued into the New Year.

I know I should say that I am happy with the performance of my blog because NuffNang is mostly about traffic and the higher your traffic is, the more you will be paid. I know I am getting peanuts only compared to the other more popular NuffNang publishers but any income IS still income and I welcome them all!

I feel rather sad for the advertisers who come in over the weekend because generally, the internet is quieter and slower during weekends. Heck, I may spend all my time online but other people have a LIFE and they stay away from blogs. But then I believe that they will calculate payment based on the average number per week.

I hope that I will continue to receive advertisers through NuffNang and hopefully, I will be able to cash out my first cheque in the first quarter of 2008!

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