Back To The Drawing Board

A couple of days ago, I wrote that I had a new WordPress theme in mind and that I would change it for the New Year. Well, I did try to change to that theme but unfortunately, I did not know how to customize it at all. That theme really looked simple but I don’t know why I could not move the columns that I wanted to move. Basically, I just gave up.

I do have another theme in mind that I would love to use. I am actually already using it on another blog and absolutely love the clean and simple lines. However, if I were to use it here, I would love to chance its colour scheme. HHmm the designer does provide modification of his themes at a small fee but how much would a professional web developer change? I believe my $5, $10 or even $20 would not be able to afford his time even if it would only require ten minutes of his time to chance everything for me.

Well, I think I would do it myself even though I am not that good with CSS and even though it may take me a lifetime. I may even give up halfway but I will relish in the satisfaction of getting my theme customized with my own blood

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