Consignment Tempered With

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It’s with regret to note that my latest consignment from the United States has been tempered with. Of course, I could not tell for sure if Pos Malaysia or Kastam did it but I lost five items and I would say those were not expensive things but they were really cute. Stuff like necklaces, bags and even notepads which I bought with the intention of giving them away to the early birds like I do every time.

It is kind of disappointing that it was already 2007 (it happened in late December) and stuff like this which we only expect to happen in third world, under developed countries to happen, happened here in Malaysia.

Well, what to do? It’s disappointing to me and to my Buyers but really, who has the time to go and report this issue to the authorities and wait for them to make an “investigation” and then see them sweep things under the carpet? In the end, I would be the one to be blamed for not buying insurance or not having it registered or whatever. Bah!!!!

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