Craigslist Listing Manager

Online seller like me know that selling online is not just a matter of “click here, click there” like some people believe. Well, we do have to spend a lot of time listing our items online. Did you know that I just spent 15 freaking hours listing my latest consignment on my Store? And I am so totally exhausted I am going to give myself a week before I list those items on eBay, another week later to list on Craigslist and another week later on Lelong.

My friend chided me for being cheap and mentions that I should invest a little money on work tools. As a serious online Seller, the time saved would be worth every cent. I know that there is an eBay listing manager and craigslist automatic ad submitter which would cut down the time needed to list the amount of items I have.

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For a one time fee of $57.77 for Craygo, the automatic submitter for Craigslist, we could use it as much as we like, posting unlimited ads and getting free updates to the software at no additional cost.

I like it that I could prepare my ads on my computer, save them to the program and then upload the ads simultaneously. This will save me a lot of time as I could review my listing on my computer before connecting to the internet, which means it saves me money as well!

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