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With a new theme, I have implemented ScratchBack. I have been a member of ScratchBack for months but did not have the chance to implement it on my blog because of the limitations of my previous theme. If you remember, my sidebars were very narrow.

Was it only last evening that I worked on this theme? Wow, that seemed like a long time ago. It wasn’t even 24 hours ago!

So the reason of this post is to bring your attention to my ScratchBack widget. It’s only $5 per link and I am not sure how long your link will stay there…. somebody help me out?

All I know is that I would not be getting the full amount of $5 as I would have to pay ScratchBack, the company a part of it and also PayPal. But every little bit of revenue will be useful so I hope that someone will be kind enough to break the egg of my ScratchBack widget!

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