Making A Professional Mark On The Web

I mentioned that I have plans to move a couple of my blogs from free hosting to self-hosting. So I was checking out various domain names from EnCirca at when I came across domain names with .pro. Well I was looking for .com and I don’t even qualify for .pro. Domains with .pro are especially for licensed professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers.

I wrote a few months ago that everyone should have a website or blog, even if we are not in business. Having an online presence is a great way to be found, more so if we are in business or have a service to offer.

If I were a professional, I would buy a professional domain as soon as possible because as you know, the good ones will be taken quickly. EnCirca is currently running a holiday special for their professional domains so you can get them for $75 a year, a discount of 25% from the normal price of $99 a year. This is a good opportunity to grab a premium professional domain at a low price because we don’t know when the price will revert to its original price.

If private individuals like me have our own websites, I don’t see why professionals do not set one up and establish a professional presence on the web since there is nothing to lose but all to gain.

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