New Year, New Theme

I’ve been thinking of changing theme for the New Year. Hehehe I know I am a few days late for that but my excuse was that I took the time to list my lingerie on my store. I am sure you will agree that lingerie is more important than any theme, right?

Well, I have got a theme in mind right now and even already uploaded it to my server but I would need a few hours of time to move my fancy codes from the old template to the new theme. I don’t think I could spare the time right now since I have stuff lined up to attend to.

Hopefully, I could get the new theme customized to my own preferences in as short a time as possible. Well, I know I am fussy but I’ve got a critical eye and it is not ease to please me.

Let’s see how long it will take me to change my theme, noobie as I am!

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