No Point Buying Laptop

My friend asked me why I need to buy a laptop. I am sure by now, some of you know that I have an iPhone and from what I read, some people are using it as their laptop. Well, I make a living online and need to be connected almost every minute of the day. So I thought that having a laptop is a good standby in case my desktop fails me, which sometimes can happen out of the blue. You never know with gadgets. One minute it works and one minute it doesn’t.

While an iPhone is also a good standby, still, it would not be as functional or comfortable to use for long hours, if the desktop is in the repair shop.

Anyway, my friend told me that in my case, should something like this happens, laptop rental

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would be a better option since I am not a heavy laptop user so I need not invest money on one and end up holding on to old technology six to nine months later.

True also….

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