I recently learnt that people here are mostly flat-footed. That is because of all the Made In China shoes and slippers that our parents bought for us to wear because they are cheap but the downside is that it damages the shape of our feet and most of us lose the arch of our sole and hence destroy the support of our body that it was meant to give.

Now, I try my best to wear only good shoes that actually provides the arch and shapes it to correct what has been done to my feet. This is especially important to athletes.

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Did you know that there is something called Superfeet that is very good for people who are into sports because it provides the support, balance and absorbs the shock of sports so that our body, especially our backbone will be spared from the vigor?

Allegro Medical is only selling them at around $30 or cheaper depending on size and gender and I think that it is definitely worth the price to protect our feet and body.

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2 thoughts on “Superfeet

  1. Thanks for the information. I totally agree with you that good shoes is important. I also emphasize a lot on the shoes i wear because lousy shoes can cause injury. The item above seems tempting to me. Will try to get one and try soon. Thanks admin for the intro of this insole! 🙂’s last blog post..Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza Highlights

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