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I implemented an

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Archives page on my blog; I wonder if anyone noticed it. I have wanted this a long time but did not know where to get the plug in or what this plug in was even named. Well, one day I read about it and went to download it from the website of the plug-in author. Unfortunately, the website was down and actually it is still down at the time of writing this post.

Anyway, yesterday, it dawned on me to grab it from the WordPress plug-in directory. I usually get all my plug-ins directly from the authors, you see, so the idea did not strike me until last evening. I finally managed to get the plug-in although this plug-in is not the one I originally wanted from the website that is down till now.

What I like it is that in one page, we can see all the post titles and click on what interests us, from looking at the title. For me, personally, I could see the number of posts I have published in a day and see the posts that have higher comment counts. I am eating so many eggs there, no thanks to the frequency of posting LOL

This is an excellent plug-in but I don’t know why, on this blog, it breaks the information on my sidebar. Oh well, perhaps I will change to another plug-in when I could spare the time to search and implement a better plug in.

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