Fighting For What She Believes In

Like most girls who just graduated from high school, my cousin wanted to pursue a

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flight attendant career. However, her parents are very conservative and they would like their daughter to be a “professional” so the only schools that they would put her through are accountancy, medicine, law, architecture, etc. They will never agree to support her studies at a flight attendant school.

My cousin, though, was just as hardheaded as her parents and in the end, she got what she wanted but it came with conditions. I shall not write here what conditions those were but that’s something my cousin has to handle if she wanted her parents to pay for her flight attendant course.

Today, I was told of a flight attendant blog which I find thoroughly interesting to read and I think that my cousin did the right thing in fighting her parents for what she really wants in her career, in her life. I wished I had the guts too when I was her age, but that’s another story for another day!

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