The Sickest Man On Earth

Did you read the news about the Austria man who imprisoned his own daughter in the basement for 24 years? I read that he single-handedly built a basement that included rooms, kitchen and toilet and kept the poor daughter in there, raping her as and when he liked it. And even before she disappeared when she was in her late teens, she was already subjected to physical and sexual abuse for at least seven years.

It is amazing that nobody ever wondered what happened to her, or made an effort at all to look for her. Of course, this sick man is an engineer by training and he totally engineered her disappearance to make it look as if she ran away from home voluntarily.

He father seven children with this daughter and three of these children never saw daylight before. They have lived in the basement all their lives. Reports say that the basement was dark and damp. Surprisingly, for all the food that this man provided for his second family, carting wheelbarrows of food down to the basement nightly, he never thought of supplying them with

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basement dehumidifiers!

A crime has been committed and yet there is a lawyer who is defending him and helping him to plead insanity. Yes, he definitely is insane to do such a thing to his own daughter, but surely he needs to give a little credit to insane people. There’s a joke about all lawyers going to hell… now you understand why!

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