Unclogging Arteries With Oral Chelation

I read about oral

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chelation the other day when my friend told me that his doctor has put him on long term medication for hypertension. My parents are hypertensive so I know that once a patient is put on long term medication to control blood pressure, it is like a lifetime under medication, which is NOT good for our kidneys.

My friend told me about chelation therapy and how he would like to try it. He said that it is a very safe and simple process and it usually lasts six weeks. There are many kinds of chelation therapies but the most effective, according to what I read, is liquid oral chelation. This means that there are chelation in tablet or pill form but the liquid solution is most effective thanks to its absorbency rate.

While I have not heard of anyone who has gone through chelation therapy before, because, heck, I never even heard of chelation therapy before this, I believe that we have to take control of our health and it is in our hands to heal our body as long as we are equipped with knowledge and learn from the experiences of other users.

Perhaps I will wait for my friend to try this first before letting my parents know about it. I am not happy with my family medical history of high blood pressure so it is good to know that there is a pain-free option of unclogging blocked arteries.

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