Do You Fear Self-Hosting?

When I first started out as a blogger, like most people, I used free blogging services. I suffered from technology phobia and dared not move away to host my own blog. I was afraid that I would mess up somewhere and cause my entire blog to be deleted somehow! I know it was an irrational fear but not entirely impossible knowing how klutzy I am!

One day, my friend, who is a reseller of webhosting packages offered to host my blog for free and I took it up with trepidation. It was not easy for him as he had to help me do almost everything technical while I only took care of blogging!

Buying domains and self-hosting your blogs and websites could be addictive, though! I now have twenty blogs, websites and an ecommerce site that require a subscription to

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multiple domain hosting! I sure have come a long way, haven’t I?

If you are like me and feared hosting your own site, you should read more about web hosting. Web Hosting Grating has a wealth of articles that you can peruse. However, all the reading will not help you if you do not try it with one site.

At first, you may need a little guidance from your host. However, I am sure that in no time, you will be comfortable with self-hosting that you will wonder why you did not do it sooner!

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