It’s Really Too Easy To Obtain A Credit Card

The other day, I wrote that I have the Maybank Petronas Visa credit card forced upon me. Well, I am not alone.

I personally feel that it is way too easy to obtain a credit card now and it is dangerous, you know?!? Some of my friends also had credit cards forced on them.

There’s a local bank that is giving away free credit cards to all everyone who holds a home loan with them. And there’s another who is giving away platinum Visa credit cards to everyone who has a student loan with them.

Gosh.. a student who requires a loan will only be 21 years old and it is not going to be easy to avoid the temptation of spending now, paying later. Most student that age would not even have an income yet, how could they be expected to settle the bill?

No wonder more and more people are getting into credit card debts!

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