eBay Changes In User Agreement And Privacy Policy

If you are an eBayer, you should have received an email notification a couple of days ago regarding their changes in their User Agreement and privacy Policy.

Read it. Luckily, they were specific on the changes that have been made instead of making us read through the whole document like some companies. PHEW!

There is nothing significant that we should be concerned about. At least I am not concerned about the changes. I believe the majority of us would have no difficulty complying with the new terms or use.

If you did not receive the email notification, take note that the changes take effect immediately for new members while for current users, changes will only take effect from 13th August, 2008.

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Changes to the User Agreement include:
New Catalogue Services
Late Fee Withdrawal from PayPal After 180 Days Past Due
Revised Dispute Resolution

Changes to the Privacy Policy include:
Combating Fraud
Streamlining Services
Customising Your eBay Experience

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