Requesting Bill From Celcom

July 21, 2008 – 10:57 pm

Late June, I realised that my Celcom bill failed to turn up at my mailing address. This is the first time since I converted from Celcom prepaid user to a Celcom postpaid subscriber over a year ago.

I decided to check my bill on line at the Celcom online bill portal and paid it via online banking. However, I still prefer to have a hard copy of my bill for reference. I know that we could print out our bill from the Celcom website but I do not see why I should waste my printer ink.

So I called Celcom Customer Care at 1111 using my 019 mobile number so as not to get charged for my call. The lady told me that there is no charge to request for a duplicate copy of my bill, if I request it AFTER the last day of payment. So let’s say the last day that you must pay your Celcom bill is 10th of every month, if you request for a duplicate copy of your bill because it was lost in the mail, then it will be sent to you FREE.

However, if you request a copy of the bill before 10th of the month, or if you are requesting a second copy of the bill, even though you have received the original Celcom bill, then you will be charged RM10.

In my case, I called them up before the last day of payment, even though I have already settled my bill, but the lady said that I will be charged RM10. If it is not urgent, she advised me to call them again later so that I will get it free. Well, I waited, since it is not urgent.

I have since called them again and they said that they require seven working days for the duplicate bill to reach me. So we shall see.

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  1. 117 Responses to “Requesting Bill From Celcom”

  2. yeah celcom is really weird i had for a short time only got my first bill & paid it 2 weeks later phone was disconnected. got the sms amount owing from celcom said 11rm rang celcom customer care they said i owed 866rm asked for the bill and they couldn’t send it and couldn’t see it …. two months later still haven’t recieved bill

    By excelcom on Apr 14, 2009

  3. I am so sorry because i forget my password,
    since i need to check my bill on internet but i can’t

    By Manivannan A/L Sinniah on Apr 15, 2009

  4. bagi la bill smpai rumah…!!!!!!

    By ai_lie on Jun 4, 2009

  5. I,m sub line with my husband 0197259392 Jayasangar Perumal 690920065255. Please send our bill via email.tq.

    By Letchumy on Aug 7, 2009

  6. Macam mana nak print detail no utk SMS yg dah dihantar?
    Tolong tunjuk cara2…

    By maslina sadiman on Aug 14, 2009

  7. saya perlukan salinan bill telefon dari bulan april hingga ogos (muka pertama sja.

    By murizan on Sep 15, 2009

  8. saya tak boleh nak signup manage our acount

    By MUSA BIN OMAR on Sep 15, 2009

  9. im using celcom broadband and this two days i received one message that ask me to activate sim card in the mobile devices.i dun know whats the problem.Can u message me and tell whats the problem?

    By revathy on Sep 26, 2009

  10. dalam bil ada charged itemised bill but bil sometimes x sampai pd customer 2 – 3 bulan..How????

    By fadzilah Bt Che Lat on Nov 11, 2009

  11. Please submit my celcom broadband bill via this email. Detail are as below:
    A/c no : 50025284
    Mobile no: 0138861844

    By dedeq on Jan 8, 2010

  12. I would like to ask … if my unbilled balance is RM 70 and my total charge is RM23.. then i need to pay how much??? i check this from *118#….wat different with the unbilled balance and total charge?

    By DansonSoo on Feb 16, 2010

  13. pls submit the below via this email

    1. postpaid ( 012-7161950 )
    2. celcom broadband bill

    many thanks

    By ernie on Feb 20, 2010

  14. macamana sy nak semak bill bulanan guna online ni..bgtau cara2 nye..step by step ok!pening kpala duk cari

    By syamimi on Feb 24, 2010

  15. bagaimana saya boleh mendapatkan seta menyemak bill bulanan yang terdahulu dengan meggunakan online?. boleh tunjukkan cara-caranya kpd saya satu persatu.

    By hazwani on Mar 7, 2010

  16. pihak celcom tak kirim bill ke rmh,how we can know how must we need to pay!!

    By wee on Apr 8, 2010

  17. i want know about my billing details for month february and march year 2010( message send dail out calls)

    By subarau on May 31, 2010

  18. sya dah byr pda 14.6.2010 tpix bleh di gunakn intenet…tpi sya lmbt byr…
    lps sya dah byr x bleh jugak open internet…

    By fairuz on Jun 14, 2010

  19. i want know about my billing details for month february and march 2010

    By joe on Jun 14, 2010

  20. saya nak tau macam mane nak semak bil terperinci untuk panggilan dan sms

    By muhammad sabri bin mohd jamil on Jun 23, 2010

  21. saya ingin mendapat detail sms yang telah saya hantar setiap bulan (tarikh,masa,kepada siapa,dan sms yg telah di hantar)

    By kk9 on Jun 24, 2010

  22. bil bln dah ada ke?

    By wira on Jun 25, 2010

  23. bil bln 6 sy dah ada ke?

    By wira on Jun 25, 2010

  24. bagaimana saya nak semak secara terperinci bil
    bulanan secara online, tolong ajar caranya

    By aryna on Jul 1, 2010

  25. Please email the bill date : 03/07/2010 A.S.A.P A/C: 97885667 so that I can make payment.

    By Chong Kak Fang on Jul 6, 2010

  26. Hello,
    saya ada masalah untuk check celcom bill selalu sangat unsuccessful, boleh check by online?

    By elly on Jul 7, 2010

  27. cara untuk semak bill online. mengapa bil terkini setiap bulan tidak sampai ke rumah.i really need the bill

    By tini on Jul 18, 2010

  28. mahu semak bill terkini. bill sms terkini tidak dihantar

    By Jamaludin on Jul 20, 2010

  29. i nak tahu..account saya masih aktif ke tak?sebab i tak dapat conect internet…………plz reply asap….tq

    By sudhagaran on Jul 26, 2010

  30. ha,celcom mmg bangang pn…dh service cam gampang…org kt celcom centre mmg gampang gle…cmtu ke nk lyn customer…leh lak mrh2…kje wat care kje r beb…fuck celcom smpai mati!!!!!mmg sial r p’puan tu…aku g sne nk tnye bil je kot…leh lak die ckp aku x phm bhase…mmg sial la kn…dh r service x bgus…mmg ptut g hntr training g la pkerje tu aku rse…mmg bangang gle!!!skit ht aku..bdo3!!!

    By akutension89 on Aug 10, 2010

  31. my celcome broadband(896019091267072791 o64-9HSUH).i want bill and a/c no via this mail..tq

    By luk bir gurung on Aug 18, 2010

  32. please sent my bill for august 2010 a.s.a.p

    By anna on Aug 25, 2010

  33. mcm mna nk tgk bill secara online..

    By anna on Sep 14, 2010

  34. since i using celcom broadband starting from november 2009 until now, i only received 1 bill from celcom. why???

    By bong siaw ping on Sep 20, 2010

  35. saya nak check bill..berapa kena bayar??macam mana nak bayar menggunakan pejabat pos sekiranya tiada bill?

    By zaini bt arifin on Sep 20, 2010

  36. 1. mcm mana sy nak cek bil celcom broadband sy secara online.

    2. saya nak detail bill pembayaran saya sejak awal tahun sampai skrg. Sebab tiap2 bulan saya bayar bil celcom broadband sy tapi ade ke bila sy nak bayar bulan ni dia kata sy dh tak bayar tiga bulan…wah agak melampau la tu. So plz send my detail celcom broadband bill via email. TQ

    By Laiyla on Oct 4, 2010

  37. can u send my bill via email?

    By idan on Oct 5, 2010

  38. I refer you to these posts:

    By Cyberpartygal on Oct 5, 2010

  39. please submit my celcom broadband bill via this email, so that i can make payment as soon as possible..A/C: 92963636

    By cik on Oct 6, 2010

  40. hi,u can check your bill online.just log on to or boleh call 1111 for customer service/check your bill..they’re very helpful.

    By Anna on Oct 7, 2010

  41. saya nk bil terkini brodband

    By HAMDAN BIN ABDULLAH on Oct 8, 2010

  42. please mail my celcom postpaid bill to this addresse: No.20,jalan sentul bahagia,sentul 51100,kuala lumpur,malaysia

    By trikamlal a/l prabhudas gandhi on Oct 28, 2010

  43. Dear Sir,

    I have not received my bills for the month of October 2010. My billing date is 06-10-2010. I need for official purposes. My h/p no. is 0195718567

    By Sri Daran on Nov 1, 2010

  44. saya nak penyata bil celcom broadband untuk bulan november 2010 ni

    By mohd firdaus bin abdullah on Nov 27, 2010

  45. saya nak tahu cara – cara untuk dapatkan bil secara online.

    hope dberitahu dgn segera


    By tasya on Dec 2, 2010

  46. Plz submit my celcom broband bill via tiz e-mail, so that i can make payment as soon as possible tq

    By Komathi a/p Narayanasamy on Dec 6, 2010

  47. celcom bill as at 4/12/2010

    By mamat arshad on Dec 7, 2010

  48. sy baru menggunakan celcom broadband ni,dah nak sampai sebulan dah,jadi sekarang ni sy dah nak bayar untuk 1st bil sy,tp sy tak tahu macam mana nak check bil sy…semua sy tak tahu….nom. akaun,nom sim kad broadband,kedai tu tak bagi ape-ape nom. pun kat sy!!!kalau boleh saya nk check via email!!blur dah ni…jadi diharapkan pertolongan….tolong reply via email ye..

    By Fazli Hussin on Dec 16, 2010

  49. saya mahu bill brdbnd terkini


    By ermawati esah on Dec 24, 2010

  50. salam… sy baru pakai celcom broadband… dalam 2 bulan cm2.. bill xsampai2 lagi… pas2 sy xtau cmne nk semak bill melalui online… pas2, nk tye nape ade tande 3# bile masukkan broadband… ade masalah ke…

    By dakdem on Dec 24, 2010

  51. sy nk tanya sy beli sim card brodband harga rm68 second month bila sy nak bayar bil pada 3hb jan 2011 sy check akaun bill celcom brodband rm 37. so bila on internet bukak fb ,bukak len2 web semua lembap ….kenape? mcm guna yg rendah speed jer..sedangkan sy beli yg 3gb,……..sila maklum bals hal ini…

    By yanz on Jan 5, 2011

  52. ni akaun nye

    By yanz on Jan 5, 2011

  53. saya nak massage out/in untuk bulan November dan December
    saya nak semua nombor out/in untuk bulan November dan December

    By Tamat bin salleh on Jan 18, 2011

  54. i dah tukar address,tapi sampai sekarang saya punya bill belum sampai rumah i.nanti expired date kena cut lagi.

    By tan lai yee on Jan 19, 2011

  55. kate bil anta kat email… xde pun camne nak print n nak bayar bill ni…
    dah la ni first time pakai…
    kalau x bayar t kene potong pulak?

    By muhamad shafuan on Jan 24, 2011

  56. i want the latest bill

    By norela mohamed on Jan 29, 2011

  57. masa sy bl dl diorg kt bill akn dihntr

    By norela mohamed on Jan 29, 2011

  58. tp xde pn…

    By norela mohamed on Jan 29, 2011

  59. sya nak tahu bil yg terkini. tq

    By george din on Feb 6, 2011

  60. mcm mna nk cek bil broadband?sila emailkn pd saya

    By ez on Feb 6, 2011

  61. cek bil broadband saya.
    Account No. 97056704
    Mobile No. 0132573708

    By George Din on Feb 7, 2011


    By Suhaida bt Dolah on Feb 8, 2011

  63. minta tolong online bill dan panggillan call dan sms terkini bulan januari 2011 terima kasih

    By radziah binti osman on Feb 11, 2011

  64. Saya nak tahu bagaimana cara nak online bayar bil,saya nak login tak dapat.Tq

    By George Din on Feb 13, 2011

  65. saya kurang buat panggilan tapi bil kena bayar banyak.klu x bagi bill macam mana nak tau banyak mana kita pakai.kate unbilled chgs,tp bila unbilled chgs diberi diskaun,current chgs lak naik.macam mana kira sebenarnya nie.

    By liza on Feb 18, 2011

  66. assalam, agaknya kena tipu..?
    takkanlah guna sikit kena bayar banyak…?
    anda di aniaya agaknya? gi balai polis adu benda nie…

    By tegak91 on Feb 20, 2011

  67. sy nk billl bln feb 2011 plezz…..

    By diane binti samuel on Feb 23, 2011

  68. saya na bill bln 1!!..
    knpe blOm anta lgi??..
    mcm mne na byar??..

    By nisa on Feb 25, 2011

  69. bill bln 2 blOm anta lgi..
    mcm mne na byar bill??..

    By NISA ANUAR on Feb 25, 2011

  70. 3 Feb ni genap satu bulan saya guna celcom broadband, tapi masa register saya tersalah bagi e-mail saya tak dapat bill lagi..Macam mana nak bayar bill?

    By Nor Lizawati on Mar 1, 2011

  71. can help me to make my mobile phone from prepaid to postpaid

    By emi anak mual on Mar 3, 2011

  72. i do no how my pay

    By gogi on Mar 8, 2011

  73. nak minta tlg saya tak tahu nak tengok no akuan brodband saya?

    By abdul bin muda on Mar 10, 2011

  74. bleh hntar broadband bill pda sya ??
    email kn kpda sya ..

    By wan djul on Mar 11, 2011

  75. mcm mna mw cek bill celcom kta ar,,slain drpd num 1111 ?? *136# kaa?? please reply ..

    By watey on Mar 27, 2011

  76. Plz submit my celcom broband bill via tiz e-mail, so that i can make payment as soon as possible. TQ

    By helen on Apr 28, 2011

  77. Cra plg cpt dan pantas… utk bill brdband dan bil tlfon… taip BOD ke 22200. utk buat pmbayaran ambil no.akaun yg dihantar je..

    By SYAHADA on Apr 30, 2011

  78. lupa satu lg… pstkan gna sim yang hndak di check…

    By SYAHADA on Apr 30, 2011

  79. Sy (guna celcom dlm 5 hari bil saya sapai mencecah rm90+++. Padahal sy x gayut pun ckp pun benda penting jek..nape first bil mahal tlg gtau sy. Confused la celcom

    By ryne on May 14, 2011

  80. Bagaimana saya nak dapat bil terperinci saya bagi bulan April dan May 2011.

    By Hussain Sahi on Jun 19, 2011

  81. Saya nak kan bill broadband setiap bulan start julai..bill tolong emel ke alamat emel yg sy berikn no akaun brdbnd122813918 no phone 013 8112393

    By Nuwen Lek on Jul 12, 2011

  82. please sent my bill, for payment a.s.a.p

    By Mani on Jul 22, 2011

  83. Saya nak bill brodband bulan bulan ke email sy no akuan brodband 123034092 brodband sy csl.

    By MINAH on Jul 26, 2011

  84. celcom lancau send aq bil y blan nie awt smpai brtus aq xgnala bgang…!!!!!!awt byak sngt y kna byar

    By atul on Jul 28, 2011

  85. please send bill broadband for july 2011 for do ref no.392065922.tq

    By alistinah bt kian on Aug 3, 2011

  86. macam mana nak sambung brodband baru…beli sim kad saja @ kena beli modem lagi…..

    By vica on Aug 30, 2011

  87. Sila poskan bil untuk bayaran bulan Jun dan Julai 2011 dengan segera . Ini adalah kerana sehingga kini bil – bil tersebut masih belum diterima


  88. please send me the bill . As you tell me that you going to email it but nothing yet.

    By salinder on Oct 12, 2011

  89. please send my celcom broadband bill to my e-mail….tanq

    By Kalaiarasi on Nov 12, 2011

  90. pls send my broadband bill via this e-mel.
    my broadband sim number is 019-2642185

    By vetri velu on Dec 14, 2011

  91. hye .. can you tell me the how to check my bill ? actually i received a number from celcom dealer . i thought that they never charge me .. at last someone call and ask me to pay 200 +++ and now i still need to pay . i never use the number !! never makes any call … i am a student … why celcom is so weird?? kalau ye pon nak untung, jgn tipu org .. and most important , student …. please ..

    By Eja on Jan 9, 2012

  92. Please send your current bill Celcom Broadband. A / c no: 11470749 Mobile no: 0104061009

    By bun on Jan 27, 2012

  93. pls send my bill to the mail add mentioned above

    By manogaran veeriah on Feb 19, 2012

  94. please submit me the bill from jan to mac 2012

    my name is noor hasni binti md saad


    By sherry on Apr 3, 2012

  95. tlong hntar bill sy tuk 3

    By nurain binti abdullah on Apr 9, 2012

  96. hantar bill broadband ats nama nur ain binti abdullah kt no hp sy 0126636035 sekarang

    By nurain binti abdullah on Apr 9, 2012

  97. hai celcom,
    mohon bantuan pihak celcom utk emelkan saya bil terperinci terbaru

    By MOHAMAD RAZMAN ABDULLAH on Apr 17, 2012

  98. hai celcom,tolong e-mail no account broadband
    saya segera..dan di mana saya harus membuat pem

    By iris wan ngau on May 2, 2012

  99. Saya nak tahu no akaun celcom broadband saya (896019110532803498) (064-9-HSUH).sebab bill xsampai kat rumah jd xtau no akaun.thanks

    By shahrina on May 13, 2012

  100. Dear Sir,

    I am a broadband user under Celcom for the past 1 month. Please forward me the bill for paymnet via e-mail and evey month accordingly. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Jessica Yip

    By Yip Koon Weii on May 18, 2012

  101. saya tidak pernah menggunakan / melanggan No. 36670 tetapi saya telah dicaj dalam bil saya bagi bulan Mac 2012 sebanyak Rm112.00, April 2012- Rm124.00 dan Mei 2012- Rm40.00 begitu juga ” call me tone”. Saya memohon pihak Tuan /Puan memberhentikan perkara itu serta-merta co,s I don,t want to waste my hard earned money to pay the thing which I did not use and not important to me at all. Other than that, I would like to claim the stated amount that I had paid.
    Thank you.

    By heary anak sinabeng on May 18, 2012

  102. email to me my bill Jan 2013 and Feb 2013

    By sungwita on Mar 13, 2013

  103. Pz email my bil statement for 3 month since januari 2013 – march 2013.. tq

    By Zarina on Apr 1, 2013

  104. boleh tak hantar bill broadband saya dekat email saya….

    By sima on Oct 1, 2013

  105. tolong saya tak tahu mcm mna bayar bil tru on line

    By jumala on Nov 6, 2013

  106. salam,
    mohon pihak tuan dapat kiranya menghantar bil terperinci mulai bulan jan-disember 2013 (broad band.e
    rujuk e-mail

    By rohana on Mar 4, 2014

  107. Can you send me the itemized bill to my e-mail.
    H/p: 012-5303022 for the month of Feb’14, March’14 and April’14.

    By Mudhu on Apr 21, 2014

  108. Mohon bil terperinci untuk no 0195337728 mulai mac 2014

    By asmah on May 12, 2014

  109. mohon hantarkan penyata bil untuk bulan april 2014

    By mohd zahari on May 18, 2014

  110. Dear Celcom Team,

    Please be informed that until today I have not my February 2014 itemized bill for mobile phone no: 0123375489.

    Appreciate you can send the missing bill to me ASAP.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards.
    PK Lim

    By Lim Pang Kok on May 20, 2014

  111. Dear celcom.,

    Please I just want to check my HP bill for the month of april 2014.



    By Musa Angau on May 27, 2014

  112. Mohon hantar ke email saya bil terperinci bagi bulan Mei 2014 untuk no tel 019-9875356, 0195075356 dan 0192865356

    By Azan Alwi on Jun 6, 2014

  113. Mohon hantar ke email saya bil terperinci bagi bulan Mei 2014 untuk no tel 019-9875356, 0195075356 dan 0192865356. Email saya

    By Azan Alwi on Jun 6, 2014

  114. I need itemized bill for my number 019-614 6176.please send to me via email. Tq

    By firdaus alias on Jun 14, 2014

  115. how to check my monthly bill of my mobile phone?

    By aishah on Jul 16, 2014

  116. sudah buat tukar billing address tapi xsampai jgk bill nya..

    mcm mane nk check bill secara online.

    By roslee on Jul 22, 2014

  117. Nak semak bil broadband january 2015

    By ida siti aishah binti ahmad ibrahim on Jan 23, 2015

  118. please send my broadband bill 0192193204 a/c num : 140288119
    so that i can made payment.
    i didn’t receive my bill form January 2015 please send to me via email. Tq so much.

    By nurulila on Feb 4, 2015

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