Requesting Bill From Celcom

Late June, I realised that my Celcom bill failed to turn up at my mailing address. This is the first time since I converted from Celcom prepaid user to a Celcom postpaid subscriber over a year ago.

I decided to check my bill on line at the Celcom online bill portal and paid it via online banking. However, I still prefer to have a hard copy of my bill for reference. I know that we could print out our bill from the Celcom website but I do not see why I should waste my printer ink.

So I called Celcom Customer Care at 1111 using my 019 mobile number so as not to get charged for my call. The lady told me that there is no charge to request for a duplicate copy of my bill, if I request it AFTER the last day of payment. So let’s say the last day that you must pay your Celcom bill is 10th of every month, if you request for a duplicate copy of your bill because it was lost in the mail, then it will be sent to you FREE.

However, if you request a copy of the bill before 10th of the month, or if you are requesting a second copy of the bill, even though you have received the original Celcom bill, then you will be charged RM10.

In my case, I called them up before the last day of payment, even though I have already settled my bill, but the lady said that I will be charged RM10. If it is not urgent, she advised me to call them again later so that I will get it free. Well, I waited, since it is not urgent.

I have since called them again and they said that they require seven working days for the duplicate bill to reach me. So we shall see.

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121 responses to “Requesting Bill From Celcom”

  1. sungwita says:

    email to me my bill Jan 2013 and Feb 2013

  2. Zarina says:

    Pz email my bil statement for 3 month since januari 2013 – march 2013.. tq

  3. sima says:

    boleh tak hantar bill broadband saya dekat email saya….

  4. jumala says:

    tolong saya tak tahu mcm mna bayar bil tru on line

  5. rohana says:

    mohon pihak tuan dapat kiranya menghantar bil terperinci mulai bulan jan-disember 2013 (broad band.e
    rujuk e-mail

  6. Mudhu says:

    Can you send me the itemized bill to my e-mail.
    H/p: 012-5303022 for the month of Feb’14, March’14 and April’14.

  7. asmah says:

    Mohon bil terperinci untuk no 0195337728 mulai mac 2014

  8. mohd zahari says:

    mohon hantarkan penyata bil untuk bulan april 2014

  9. Lim Pang Kok says:

    Dear Celcom Team,

    Please be informed that until today I have not my February 2014 itemized bill for mobile phone no: 0123375489.

    Appreciate you can send the missing bill to me ASAP.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards.
    PK Lim

  10. Musa Angau says:

    Dear celcom.,

    Please I just want to check my HP bill for the month of april 2014.



  11. Azan Alwi says:

    Mohon hantar ke email saya bil terperinci bagi bulan Mei 2014 untuk no tel 019-9875356, 0195075356 dan 0192865356

  12. Azan Alwi says:

    Mohon hantar ke email saya bil terperinci bagi bulan Mei 2014 untuk no tel 019-9875356, 0195075356 dan 0192865356. Email saya

  13. firdaus alias says:

    I need itemized bill for my number 019-614 6176.please send to me via email. Tq

  14. aishah says:

    how to check my monthly bill of my mobile phone?

  15. roslee says:

    sudah buat tukar billing address tapi xsampai jgk bill nya..

    mcm mane nk check bill secara online.

  16. Ghazali bin Ayob says:

    Mohon bil salinan Julai 2014 – No. tel 019-4403688

  17. ida siti aishah binti ahmad ibrahim says:

    Nak semak bil broadband january 2015

  18. nurulila says:

    please send my broadband bill 0192193204 a/c num : 140288119
    so that i can made payment.
    i didn’t receive my bill form January 2015 please send to me via email. Tq so much.

  19. Riana says:

    I didn’t receive my broadband bill since january till now, please send my broadband bill for me to made a payment. Please send via email

  20. jayrio says:

    saya nak tau macam mane nak semak bil terperinci untuk panggilan dan sms

  21. apalasamy a/l appana says:

    tomorrow is my due date pls transmit the latest bill

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