Caught On Camera

I always thought that my acne problem isn’t that bad. I remember that it was worse when I was younger. Perhaps my skin condition is the same but it’s just that now that I am older and more mature, I do not let something as superficial as “looks” or the lack of it, bother me.

Anyway, a few days ago, my friend came to Ipoh for a visit and I took the opportunity to play with his 10MP digital SLR camera. I love the feature were we could take self-portraits by wireless remote control. I camwhored a lot but to my dismay none of my photos turned out good enough. Every little flaw on my face was captured. It was a 10MP camera, after all.

That just tells me that I need to continue experimenting with

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acne treatments once again. I thought that I was past that already but dang, all those “ugly” photos surely make me suffer from low self-esteem all over again!

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