Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.k.a. Sheih Kickdefella Arrested

I just got news that a local political blogger has been arrested. I am shocked to say the least. While I do not know him personally, and neither do I read his blog, I am still shocked that somebody thinks that they need to go to such lengths to arrest a blogger.

No doubt, a blogger, especially a political blogger with a vast readership, could be very influential but I think that arresting him, though details are unclear, and we do not have any idea if this is under the ISA or whatever*, will only anger more people, and create a thousand more Kickdefellas.

Many of us stay out of politics because we cannot afford trouble like this. Some people may say that we are selfish or whatever, but then not everyone is prepared to be a “hero”. In any case, I pray that the political situation in the country will stabalize as soon as possible.


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*It’s sedition.

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