Ipoh PC Fair Improvements

Over the past couple of years when PIKOM decided not to leave Ipoh folks out of PC Fair and organize one for us like the other major cities, albeit a little too late this term perhaps they were unable to book the venue a little earlier, I have seen slight improvements in each PC Fair.

This year, besides the new products that were introduced to us, which by the way, I have written a couple of posts on and an improvement in display stands, retailers are also making use of digital signage

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to advertise their products and try to capture our attention.

Seriously, with such a packed hall, it is not easy to hold a shopper’s attention more than ten minutes. For me, though, I always will write down a list of items that I would like to buy and would have done my homework, researching prices and comparing specifications before PC Fair begins. That’s the only way I could do some serious shopping then.

Hopefully, in the Ipoh PC Fairs to follow, we will see more merchants and a larger pool of products and even greater price reduction.

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