La Senza “Fit For You” Range Of Bras

I received in the mail with regards to a new range of custom fit bras from La Senza. While I have checked out their whole range from their website, and am pretty impressed with their rich solid colors, I do not understand why they said that these are custom fit bras, providing customized, shape comfort and support. Is it because that these bras come in a wide size range from B to E?

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Also, while I love their colors, I mostly prefer their mix of colors, I feel that having this “leopard print” and in blue too, is a big mistake. I have never liked “leopard prints” myself but I do sell them and it surprises me each time that usually “leopard print” lingerie pieces are the first to leave my Store. LOL Yes, I know. Just because I do not like it does not mean that others do not as well.

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