Mail Sorting Centre @ General Post Office Ipoh

The other day, I had an opportunity to visit the mail sorting centre in General Post Office. Although I have lived in Ipoh all my life, I never had the chance to enter that section of the post office. It’s supposed to be off limits to visitors but I had something official to do and was invited to see the guy in charged at his office.

Even though it was already off work for most of us, the mail sorting centre was still bustling with activity. I took the chance to ask about their routine and was told that they work until 12 midnight up to 2am, until they have finished sorting the mail.

And then another batch of staff will come in at 4am and start the process of sorting more mail and distributing them. I also took the chance to snap some pictures. Some did not turn out too well mainly because I took them while I was walking. I didn’t want to be caught because I don’t even know if it’s allowed. Anyway, that is a tight security department because everyone’s mail is there.

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You know, when letters go missing, people will blame it on Pos Malaysia but really, it is not easy to pinpoint who exactly took the letters/packages because they passed so many hands!

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