Work Pressure

My friend, Lawrence, mentioned that he is very stressed out. He is a commodity broker and I know that the market is always volatile. Sometimes I ask him if the price of a particular commodity is good and he said, yeah, it’s going higher. Then I said, won’t you be getting lots of commission? And he would tell me that he is in the wrong position!

Gosh! I tell you, I am so glad that I do not have to deal with that kind of work pressure. Now I understand why Lawrence wants to just relax over the weekend by going to Happy Hours with his friends. He said that he is smoking more since he entered this industry too.

If I were a commodities trader or a fund manager or something, I would have acne

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popping out on my face perpetually because that is what happens to me when I am totally stressed out. I think that’s because I don’t drink or smoke! LOL

However, just because I work for myself does not mean that I do not have to deal with work stress. I guess I will leave that to another post on another day.

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