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When I started blogging, I had the aim to go into affiliate marketing. Honestly, I am ashamed that one day rolled into another and I did not do make an effort in it. I may have joined many affiliate sites but I never did take the trouble to go through the products that are available for us to promote. I think it’s mainly because of the sheer number of products that just thinking of it overwhelms me.

A friend told me that the way to go about picking affiliate products to market is by reading forums and use reviews and not going to the product bank searching for the “perfect” product. Well, I don’t know, I just can’t spare the time or attention surfing from one affiliate forum to another.

This afternoon, though, I was told of Ninja Reports

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, a website that provides an avenue for users to review affiliate programs and products so that other people could benefit from their experiences. Ninja Reports are true user reviews unlike many affiliate product reviews that I have read, which are all positive only even if the user may not have found it to be useful.

I have spent some time going through the reports on Ninja Reports and I think that it’s time to utilize my Clickbank account, which has been dormant since the day I registered it!

*** This post was brought to you by Ninja Reports ***

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