Malaysian Online Boutique, Irenelim Fashion

Some of you may remember that I had plans to start an online store selling ladies fashion in the middle of 2008. Well, after months of inaction by my supposed partner, I told him to forget it. I am someone who moves fast and I do not see how we could go into partnership when we are so different and have different goals. I thought that I would go it alone but before doing so, I decided to check out other similar stores; I take this research as my homework like I did prior to selling lingerie online.

Well, I was told of Malaysian online boutique,

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Irenelim Fashion. Irene Lim is sort of like me except that her niche is in ladies fashion, something that I would like to venture into.

I checked out her dresses and what surprised me is her ingenuity in promoting her store by offering free dresses inclusive of free delivery to Malaysian addresses. If I really venture into ladies fashion, I am not sure if I could match her promotional offer, or her prices, which I think are really affordable. In this business, affordability is of utmost importance because online business is all about trust and a lot of us may not be willing to commit too much money on a store that we have yet to deal with.

However, her online boutique and her success with it have spurred me to work harder at my own store even if I may have been ditched by my supposed partner!

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