US Presidential Nominees Election 2008 Cabbage Patch Kids

Today, 4th November, 2008, is Election Day in the United States where a new President of the United States will be determined by democratic election. Like I mentioned in an earlier post on the Cabbage Patch Kids of the US Presidential and Vice-Presidential Nominees, the auction for these limited edition kids will end today, Election Day. Well, they have already ended.

Not surprisingly, the highest bids were placed on “Sarah Palin” with the auction closing at US$19,000. Second was “Barak Obama” with a closing bid of US$8,400.

All in, the auction of these four Cabbage Patch Kids raised US$36,000 for charity, Marine Toys For Tots Foundation. Assuming that these auctions are transacted successfully, many underprivileged children will get to enjoy a more cheerful Christmas!

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