At The Cost Of Customers

The grocery store that my mother shops regularly at has upgraded their system. My mother says that their cashier is now computerized and that they have implemented barcodes on all their products. All purchases have to go through barcode scanners

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and have the barcodes cancelled or the alarm will be triggered should this item be taken out the door.

I guess that even for a small grocery shop, they do have big dreams of expanding their business to the level of stores in shopping malls. Although I would not say that this is bad, my mother noticed that all items have since been increased by 10 to 20sen each.

This amount is negligible to many of us but when you calculate it in percentage terms, it is a rather massive increment. Well, so far, customers seem to have accepted that things are more expensive now, especially groceries and household items. I guess we just have to cut expenses elsewhere.

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