Gemz N Gold Holiday Promotion

Those who know me know that I am someone without frills. I don’t hang myself with accessories, except for a lucky charm that was given to me by my parents years ago. My sister, on the other hand, loves accessories and sometimes, it looks like she could never have enough of them.

Just this morning, I was told of this online jewelry retailer, Gemz N Gold. I have to admit that I have known about them for a long time now but have not taken the time to check them out. However, I was also informed that they are running a holiday promotion right now where we can get 15% off our entire order. The Gemz N Gold coupon code to use is e2g9i and it expires on 22nd December, 2008. As with all coupon codes, remember to apply it to your order upon check out.

With such a good deal, I thought I would see what I could get for my sister this Christmas and also her birthday, which falls on 23rd February.

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There are many beautiful jewelry pieces offered by Gemz N Gold but what caught my eye is this exquisite 14K solid gold chandelier earrings shaped like flowers. I could also get a matching necklace so that she could have one set.

On the other hand, her birthday is in February and her birthstone is Amethyst and this Amethyst necklace looks awesome too. Again, I could get a matching pair of earrings as well.

Right now, I really am unable to decide which to get but I am glad to know that these aren’t that expensive at all. Moreover, they come with a free jewelry gift box. I think what makes it worth our money to shop with Gemz N Gold is their 30-day return policy PLUS a lifetime guarantee on their items.

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