Launch Of Mary Jane Goods Online

Mary Jane Goods has just launched their very own online store to feature high end limited edition art pieces. If you do not know yet, Mary Jane Goods is the first company that creates C. Sativa custom genetic portraits that we all known as the highly popular Cannabis.

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Mary Jane Goods online store right now features some very special custom products from canvas art pieces and prints to wall blocks to t-shirts for men and women. Their t-shirts are sold at US$45 per piece and one of them features the 652 legal names of Marijuana and another features the genetic fingerprint of C. Sativa.

Although there aren’t that many items on Mary Jane Goods right now, they will be launching more high class limited selection merchandise that fuse high science with high art that is especially for people who have an acquired taste for Mary Jane Goods.

If you are into the specialty items of Mary Jane Goods, or better known as MJG, you should bookmark this online store as they have promised more items to come in the near future not only for you but also for your home.

I think that MJG t-shirts make pretty good Christmas gifts, particularly for college students because they always want to stand out from the crowd, right?


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