Poslaju Not That Laju, After All

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As you know, Thursday was the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. It was a state holiday. The thing was, I had to ship out two packages; one to Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territory) and one to Selangor.

So I was telling my Selangor buyer that he would only receive his package on Friday but the buyer in Kuala Lumpur will receive his package on Thursday because he is in Federal Territory, which is not a public holiday.

The funny thing was that my buyer in Selangor received his package on Thursday, on the public holiday and the buyer in Kuala Lumpur only received his package on Friday, when he should have received it on Thursday, since he should have his package delivered to him as it wasn’t a public holiday for him!

So, it’s kind of difficult to estimate the time required to deliver a package as these are just the times provided by Pos Malaysia at their best effort.

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