Public Bank’s Finance Charge of RM0.77

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If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been charged RM0.77 by Public Bank a few times for making PayPal withdrawals via Public Bank visa electron debit card. Since last November, I have called them up to find out why they charge me that but did not receive a response.

Last month, though, I finally found out the reason for the charges of Rm0.77 each time. This had been listed as “finance charge” and will be charged on cards that withdrew their funds too soon. Apparently, even though our account online shows that money has been deposited, the money, in fact, is still not posted to our account yet which means to say that I have taken an “advance”.

Public Bank told me that I have to wait five banking days after the funds appeared on my online statement, then only I could withdraw the funds. HHmm sounds pretty odd, right? But then RM0.77 is really a small amount to pay, even if we do take an “advance”.

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