Quality OEM Watch Bands

This past week, I have been looking for a new watch for myself. Well, you could consider as a reward or a Christmas gift for myself. My watch broke down and it feels funny not having a watch on my wrist. I may not be an accessories person but I definitely am a watch person!

The problem is that no matter how many watch styles I have looked through, I cannot find one that really suits me. I keep thinking if I should get a new one or just repair it. After all, it’s just a matter of changing the watch band and replacing the battery. You know, besides the fact that this watch wasn’t cheap, it was a gift and I don’t have the heart to discard it.

I consulted a friend who told me that I could definitely find matching quality Watch Bands that are not expensive at all. These are OEM watch bands that are in leather or metal. There are also sporty designs but those are not for me.

It’s funny that I never thought of replacing my watch band with these from Watch Style but between forking out half my pay check for a spanking watch and a couple of hundred, or less, for the band, I think the latter is more appealing.

*** This post was brought to you by Watch Style ***

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