Scarlett Johansson Snotty Tissue Closed At US$5,300

Last week, I wrote a post about

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Scarlett Johansson who blew her nose on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and then proceeded to bag it, autograph it and put it on auction on eBay in an attempt to raise funds to help support USA Harvest. Well, guess what? The auction has closed a few days ago, at a whopping closing bid of US$5,300.

Right now, we have no clue if this winning bidder is a fan of Scarlett Johansson who wanted this piece of memorabilia or if he/she is treating this as an investment. Heck, there is still no information, as far as I could see, if this deal has successfully transacted.

Let’s hope that this is not a case of joybidding so that at least USA Harvest would benefit from the publicity and the funds raised for them to support their cause.

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